FATE, Guildleves and Other Questing Mechanics in FFXIV ARR Explained

Update: This article is just a brief primer on questing mechanics. Since the time of writing, I’ve found this guide. I recommend you head over and get yourself a copy as well. Not only does it have an insanely detailed chapter on questing mechanics, but an absolutely brilliant leveling guide as well (see my review). I so wish I had gotten that when I first bought the game – it would have saved me a lot of time (which could have been used to improve the design of this blog instead :))

Final Fantasy XIV offer events called fates, not so unlike Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Quest. Join in the fate and kill, and escort, then get experience and gold. Anytime I saw one, I ran in and joined it. Then there were quests called Guildleves. Then there were Hunting Log quests and before I knew it, there was so much to do I got very sad realizing that this was only a three-day long beta.

Now, lots of games have tons of things to do but this game made me actually want to do them. I can’t go over any exact details but I wanted to share what was most exciting to me about this game and that is the class skill system. You see, in Final Fantasy XIV, you can be every single class in final fantasy xiv you want. Also, every profession.

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