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All FFXIV fan sites claim to be the very best, but we let our website speak for itself. We have created the best FFXIV Realm Reborn Fan-site website anywhere on the internet. This is not an idle claim mind you; we are trying our best to mass the greatest and most informative collection of information on this iteration of the Final Fantasy series.

First, we have amassed the most important collection of news items concerning Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn that is available anywhere. We make sure that our news items are sourced from reputable sources. Our news is credible because we fact check it before adding it to the website.

Second, we have classes and a guide to help you master this game. FFXIV is a beautiful and enjoyable game that can be quite complex to master on your own. In order to help you have a rewarding experience rather than a frustrating one, we have a guide that helps you master the important aspects of this game. The classes provide you with an important look into the Final Fantasy universe.

Third, we go beyond just showing you how to play this game and enjoy it. We provide you with secret leveling tips that help you make your character on the game far more powerful than you can imagine. These leveling tips are all guaranteed to increase the level of immersion you feel in the game and therefore increase your enjoyment. Fourth, you can also entertain yourself by watching FFXIV videos on this website. From a trailer of the game that is guaranteed to knock your socks off to some of the best videos of FFXIV gamers doing their thing, we have it all. Fifth, and in case you think its all games and no work, we have a jobs section that can help you turn what you love into a money maker.

Welcome to FFXIVGUIDE.NET and place it on your bookmarks, I guarantee you will be spending quite some time here.

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